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First Post!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the "home base" of our Ayabie Fanbook in the making! ^__^

So, to start off, I should probably answer the question: What is a fanbook, exactly? Simply put, it's a collection of messages, pictures, and any number of other things (gifts, etc.) put together by fans in order to be sent to a band. In short, it's one way to show your support for the band you love even if you can't go to their live shows and whatnot.

How does this collective effort make it into one tidy little package? That's where I come in. As the organizer of this project, I will be taking submissions (for a yet-undetermined amount of time) both by e-mail and by traditional mail (I will give my actual mailing address only to those who have something ready to be sent) from anyone who wishes to give the band a greeting or gift. Soon I will have the guidelines for submissions up to give you an idea of what you might want to contribute. For the most part, all letters, drawings, photos, et cetera will be accepted unless deemed inappropriate.

You will be contacted if your submission does not meet the guidelines and offered a chance to change and resubmit it, within reason.

And by all means, go ahead and make more than one contribution! If you want to submit a drawing and a photo and a letter, please do! I'll do my best to place them together when the actual book is made. ^__^

More information will be added with time, so please check back soon. Any questions can be addressed to me, anon_99. All of my contact info is listed in my profile, so there is no reason you shouldn't be able to reach me if you need to. The quickest method of getting in touch is generally leaving a comment on something I've posted. I check my Yahoo! e-mail account several times a day, so I should see it.

I hope you will help me to make this project a success! ^__^
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